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Pedestrian Traffic Monitoring

Advanced system that allows people counting, measuring length of visits, waiting time, and obtaining demographic data and facial recognition, all exported to a dashboard for the analysis of variables.

Asset Tracking & Monitoring solutions

This solution allows identification, classification and location of high-value devices needed by your company. It also allows detection of frequency emission devices in restricted areas. Variable control & IOT.

Advanced Cameras for video intelligence

For fire detection, people thermal detection, radar and drone blocking, infrared, among others; for security and surveillance applications.
Our portfolio offers a wide range of IP cameras.

Centralized Video Analysis & Forensic Search Platform

Centralized system of video analysis, event reporting and forensic search capable of integrating video surveillance, counting, demography, heat maps, flow directions, face recognition, LPR. In addition to third party systems of different origin such as banking, POS and ATMs; systems for parking and access control.

Surveillance and Rounds Control Solution

Use a smartphone to know at any times the location of people, sending alerts and register events applied to different scenarios such as condos, community alarms; security guard rounds control; banks and financial institutions.


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