SUBTEL Undersecretary visits Telconsur offices and calls to register mobile devices purchased abroad

Telecommunications Undersecretary (SUBTEL) visited Telconsur facilities to make a call to citizens to register mobile devices, IoT devices, tablets, alarms, and others purchased abroad, to comply with the Multiband / SAE regulations reactivated on November 10, 2018, now with a 30-day window frame that allows traffic to be tracked in mobile networks.

Undersecretary (a), Ms. Pamela Sobarzo, said that these regulations establish that “the obligation for telephones to be approved, and therefore registered, belongs to the person who sells them in Chile”. A similar situation occurs with other mobile devices sold in the country, which must have also been registered by the seller”.

Undersecretary Sobarzo also added that, “in the event of the existence of equipment not registered in the market, it is very important that users be aware of this regulation and verify the status of their equipment, especially if it was purchased abroad.”

Telconsur is one of 15 companies authorized by SUBTEL to register mobile devices in Chile.

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