SAE (Emergency Alert System) Room The only Multi-Operator Test Room in Southamerica

In July 2017, the Minister of Transportation & Telecommunications accompanied by  other prominent government authorities and the Mayor of the Municipality of Conchalí, officially inaugurated the SAE Room, the only one in South America, implemented by Telconsur Ltda.

This site is located in the fifth underground floor of the Yoemar Tower, a modern building where the commercial offices of Telconsur Ltda. are located.  SAE Room is a Technical Test Room that allows certifying companies to verify and certify that all cell phones and mobile communication devices sold in Chile have the technology required to receive the messages of the Emergency Alert System (SAE abbreviation in Spanish). This Test Room is fully equipped with antennas and other devices and equipment of the Mobile Operators  in Chile, and has been properly shielded to ensure that there is no leakage of radio frequency waves of the Emergency Alert System that otherwise might affect the community of the sector. From this SAE Room, no test or real emergency messages are issued.  Messages are received  only, to perform the tests on the standard mobile phones of the certification companies.

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