In 2002, as part of its permanent endeavor for integrating solutions according to the requirements in the telecommunications industry, Telconsur opened its New Business Development and Technical Services Area. From 2002 onwards, Telconsur actively participates in the supply of consumer technologies for end users and SMB, while developing new businesses based upon networking technology solutions, as local representative of reliable international manufacturers recognized by the high quality of their products.

Telconsur Engineers possess vast experience working with telecommunication technologies plus a sound know-how in the technical-commercial relationship and servicing of our customers in the Telco and Mining industries. The value of this area is based upon the technical /commercial ability to discover innovative technologies in the telecommunications field that can be applied in the local market; thereby developing long-term sustainable business models.

Flexibility, introduction of new businesses and innovation are part of our ongoing search for better solutions to our Customers.

- CPE-Modems
- Routers
- AP
- Switch

- Coaxial
- Fiber Optics
- Terminals