Mobile Communications

Handset Sales

With over 25 years market presence and an active participation in the mobile business development in Chile, Telconsur provides a Services portfolio highly valued by customers and manufacturers. Our specialization in the handset sale business to Operators and to national and regional Retail companies, allow us to offer Purchase Planning, Stock and Rolling Forecast services in order to ensure immediate availability and ongoing inventory replenishment. COMEX, our experienced foreign trade business platform holds a sound technical knowledge of international mobile commerce operations, as a value-added supplement to our Services.


Homologations Services

Our Homologation Services were implemented in 2006 in order to meet the requirements of manufacturers seeking to ensure product quality and its performance in the local Operators’ networks. By 2008 we expanded our service to the Operators after the main local operator ENTEL signed a Homologation Service Contract.

TELCONSUR’s TRACK ON LINE System, our complete Laboratory infrastructure and the recognized specialization of our engineers are among the key strengths of this service.

Shipment Quality Control

The Quality Control Service to Mobile Operators and Manufacturers is widely recognized in the market. Main features of this service are a Team of Professionals, sound experience plus a complete laboratory infrastructure. Service customization to our client’s requirements is one of its key strengths.

Handset Repair & Refurbishment

Telconsur Technical Service Laboratory holds certification by Nokia, LG and Samsung. With over 20 year operations in technical services, our qualified personnel, infrastructure and equipments provide quality Repair Service Levels No. 1 & 2; Parameterization of new and refurbished handsets, multimedia content upload, Refurbish Service, Software Upgrade, Cosmetic Parts Replacement, and Functioning testing.

Excellence, Quality and Compliance are the key pillars sustaining our Mobile Services development.

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